Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Security Guidelines for ASP.NET v2

For those of you who do web application development, are intersted in the forthcoming ASP.NET v2 and related security best practices, may want to check out Security Guidelines: ASP.NET 2.0 published by folks from Microsoft's Patterns and Practices group. They did a fantastic job.

VS 2005 Web Project System: What Is It And Why Did We Do It?

Scott Guthrie has posted a response to some of the issues raised by other bloggers about the new web project system in Visual Studio 2005 by explaining how it works and the reasons behind the decisions they made in creating it.

Read Scott Guthrie's Blog.

.NET vs. Java Security

Two students from the University of Virginia have written a detailed paper comparing security features of the Java VM and the .NET CLR. The paper covers reported vulnerabilities, code security, verification, and exception handling.